Incidental Faceoff: Breakups - Girls

Breakups are a difficult subject for me because I, unlike my Faceoff counterpart, have had a bad one. Recently, in fact, as in six days ago as of this writing, but who’s counting?

First of all, guys, when a girl breaks up with you, do not immediately respond with passive aggressiveness and blow up your Facebook with sad statuses, photos and songs. 

If that is, or has ever been, your reaction, then shame on you – you have proven yourself to be more of a loser than your ex. Drama kings and attention hogs are not cute.

I wholeheartedly agree that you should sleep on it. If it was a serious relationship, one that had consisted of more than just a few drinks at the Vital Spot and a couple of dances in the In Between, there is a good chance your emotions are everywhere. I think that if transformed into a visual form, mine would have looked like a garbage plate from University Hots.

Do not try to guilt your ex into getting back together with you, even if you think it was too abrupt, that she was wrong or that you were the best thing she ever had. Clearly, for reasons she holds and you will perhaps never know, you are not.

Stop creeping on her Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram and focus on yourself. Take active steps toward healing and progress; move forward, move on. Channel your energy into doing things that you enjoy – things that you perhaps lost track of while dating your ex.

Please do not coyly decide to suddenly start doing your homework in Starbucks so you can scout out a cute rebound girl. While this may seem like a good idea and a good distraction, I can assure you that it is not. It will either not work out because your emotions look like a garbage plate or only work out for a small while until one of you gets hurt. Since you’re not in any position to be pursuing anyone, there is a good chance it will be her.

But ultimately, guys, I understand that you are going to do stupid things. I understand that we girls are going to do stupid things. The best piece of advice I have for you is this oldie but goodie: Love as if you’ve never loved before. 

I say this because I believe one day you will find the right woman. Or, maybe not if you’re a drama king attention hog. If that’s the case, well good luck with that.