Beyoncé rocks Super Bowl halftime show

After much speculation, Beyoncé shined during the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday Feb. 3. Her performance, which included a reunited Destiny’s Child, was under the media’s watchful eye after she lip-synced “The Star Spangled Banner” at the presidential inauguration.

The show started with fans sprinting excitedly onto the field to surround the stage. A light show soon followed before Beyoncé appeared doing a quick but powerful a cappella rendition of “Love on Top.”

She performed a foot-stomping version of “Crazy in Love,” which featured an electric guitarist who ignited firecrackers during her solo. Beyoncé then joined her backup dancers and switched to a very powerful performance of “End of Time.” 

Beyoncé moved to her single from the album Dangerously in Love, “Baby Boy.” For this song, she placed herself in front of a large screen, which projected holographic duplicates of her dancing.

The performance that followed was one that fans will remember forever. As Beyoncé approached the front of the stage, the Destiny’s Child single “Bootylicious” started to play and Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, her former Destiny’s Child band mates, joined her.

They sang “Independent Women” and also helped act as backup dancers for Beyoncé as she sang her hit “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).” Beyoncé concluded the show with a stunning performance of “Halo.”

The performance not only proved to the world that Beyoncé can still sing but also showcased her amazing dance skills. The show’s special effects were also very impressive, most notably the light show at the beginning, which managed to blow out the lights after halftime.