Score with spirited Super Bowl munchies

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. However, no Super Bowl party is complete without some fan favorite snacks.

One classic football snack is chips and dip. As an alternative to boring game food, one easy but tasty dip worth trying is taco dip.

To make it, run to Wegmans and purchase a 16 oz. container of cream cheese and a 16 oz. container of sour cream. Pick up an envelope of taco seasoning and shredded cheddar cheese. The final ingredients are shredded lettuce and two tomatoes.

After allowing the cream cheese to soften to room temperature, combine it with the sour cream and the taco seasoning in a medium-sized bowl. Mix the ingredients with an electric mixer or a regular spoon until smooth. Then spread the mixture along the bottom of a serving pan.

Next, sprinkle the shredded lettuce all over the cream cheese mixture. Then take the shredded cheese and scatter that on top as well. Finally, dice up the tomatoes and sprinkle that over everything. The dip is finally complete!

To spruce it up, decorate it with field goals and players using cheese and toothpicks. Try arranging the cheese and tomatoes in different configurations to create field lines.

Next put the pan inside of a taller, wider box. Fill the sides around the pan with different chips, pretzels and other snacks. Now you have a football stadium made out of food!

Don’t forget to buy drinks, along with plates and other utensils. With these snack ideas, any Super Bowl party is sure to be a winner.