The G-Spot: Don't let the "honeymoon" fizzle

When exploring the topic of sex in a college setting, there are two distinctive categories: one-time hookups and intimacy in a monogamous relationship. While the former can occasionally have messy repercussions, the latter comes across complex issues more often. Many couples complain of falling into a rut after dating for some time. They’ll say that the spark is gone, and after sex the other appears completely apathetic or disinterested.

The truth is, this sentiment is not uncommon. When two people start dating, they often experience what I and other sex professionals like to call the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship. The fresh nature of the relationship makes everything more fun and exciting, including the sex.

Once the honeymoon phase has ended, however, the spark can sometimes dull. That’s not to suggest a lack of happiness or a thriving connection; there just isn’t that innate newness propelling the relationship forward.

So how can you combat this push toward apathy and bring back the intimacy? How can you keep the sex exhilarating and new? All it really takes is a conscious effort to shake things up. If monotony and routine have set in, do something different. Take a road trip or go on an adventure with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Then you can transfer that adventurous attitude to the bedroom.

I’m not saying that every night has to become a bold exploration into new sexual territory, but it wouldn’t hurt to try a new exotic sex position. A simple break from routine can make a world of difference.

Just remember: Intimacy, like the G-spot, can be hard to find, but when you do, it’s certainly worth your time.