DIY: Dazzling details finish spaces with flair

Sometimes it’s the details that make a big difference when transitioning your dorm room from boring to vivacious.

One way to do it is to make adorable magnets for your fridge with glitter, glue, clothespins and small black magnets. First, determine which side of the magnet sticks to your fridge door and glue the other side to the clothespin. Wait for the magnets to dry, and then cover the top of the clothespin in glue, being careful not to get any within the pinning part.

For the most colorful results, use glitter in multiple colors and mix and match however you want. Cover the clothespins in a thick layer, getting the sides if you can.

Wait for the top to dry, and then cover the bottom in glitter as well. When this project is finished, you can hang notes on your fridge with flair.

Use colorful buttons to give a plain lamp some style. Pick buttons in a rainbow of colors and a variety of sizes. Then use a clear-drying glue to stick them close together all over your lampshade. The spaces between the buttons will let out light - don’t worry about darkening your room.

Another fun craft idea is creating a spoon mirror. Buy a circular mirror and plastic spoons in your favorite color. First, place a layer of spoons close together around the edge of the mirror. Use glue to stick the horizontal bottom edge of the spoons to the rim of the mirror. Next, place another layer of spoons over the first, slightly offset so they sit as flat as possible and just below the curved part of the spoon to create a flower-petal effect. Glue the bottom of the stem of the spoons to the mirror, and hang up after it has dried.