Athletic department appoints Sports Information Director from Ithaca

Mike Warwick joined the athletic staff as sports information director on Oct. 25. Warwick spent the last 15 years working as the sports information director at Ithaca College.

Warwick said his position entails managing public relations for the varsity athletic department, including maintaining the website and records and archives, and working on media relations.

According to Warwick, there are both similarities and differences between his current position here and his former one at Ithaca.

“The goals and basic responsibilities of the job are the same no matter what the school, but by the same token, no two schools do things in exactly the same way,” he said.

Upon moving to Geneseo, Warwick replaced former Sports Information Director George Gagnier, who was recently appointed assistant athletic director.

Gagnier said in an email interview that his primary duties include facility scheduling, intercollegiate game scheduling and contracts, supervision and scheduling of event management student workers and supervision of four members of the coaching staff.

Additionally, Gagnier serves as the adviser to the Student Athletic Advisory Committee and is the coordinator of the Geneseo Sports Hall of Fame selection and ceremony.

“This past summer, I attended the annual sports information professional development workshop with many of my former colleagues and shared with them that we would have an opening at Geneseo,” Gagnier said in the email. It was through Gagnier’s presentation that Warwick learned about the opening in the athletic department.

In regard to the recent changes within the athletic department, Gagnier added that he is “looking forward to using my organizational, supervisory and communication skills to help move our department forward administratively. Our department has operated in the past with just two full-time administrators and I believe we can be more effective and more efficient with a third administrator helping the team.”

While his position may have begun midsemester, Warwick said that he does not view that as an obstacle for the athletic department, though he said Gagnier “had to pull double-duty in a lot of ways to keep everything going in from a sports information standpoint.”

Warwick said taking the job at Geneseo is a “good opportunity. I am looking forward to working here.”