Add color to gloomy rooms

As winter approaches and covers Geneseo in gray clouds, dorm rooms can seem dreary. Spice up your living environment with these colorful DIY solutions. To add a simple pop of color, mix and match your sheets: Have your pillow and fitted sheet one color and your comforter and top sheet another color.

You can also try making your own headboard. Use a large cardboard sheet or foam board and pick up a colorful fabric from an arts and crafts store. Cut the board to the desired shape and then stretch the fabric so it covers the board completely. Staple or glue the fabric to the back of the board. Set the headboard up near your pillow - you may need to use string to get it to stay upright. For added artistic fun, twist designs into the fabric and glue them in place before stretching the fabric taut.

Another option is to use painter’s tape to decorate dorm room furniture. Amazon offers a variety of colors; make striped designs on the sides of your desk, chair or bedposts. Using multiple bright colors will brighten up your room the most. Since painter’s tape is removable, you can change designs as often as you like and be in the clear for inspection time at the end of the year.

Finally, spruce up your corkboard with colorful ribbons. Create a diamond pattern by cutting equal lengths of ribbon, spacing them equally and securing them from top left to bottom right. Then, create a crisscross pattern by going over the ribbon on your board with more ribbon, secured from top right to bottom left. Use two or more colors of ribbon for added fun.