Invasion of Privacy: Senior Laura Vitto takes charge of multiple campus media forums

In addition to holding leadership positions for two of Geneseo's major campus media outlets and working on her communication major and English minor, senior Laura Vitto also maintains a strong love for both cheese and media consumption.

Currently the managing editor for The Lamron and station manager for WGSU 89.3 FM, Vitto said she aspired to attend Geneseo for many years.

Originally from Merrick, N.Y. on Long Island, Vitto said, “I knew I wanted to come to Geneseo since I was a freshman in high school.” She said she was inspired by a friend from home, alumna Becky Lovell '10, who worked as music director for WGSU.

Vitto said she has a “strong love of journalism,” citing National Public Radio as one of her main inspirations for her involvement and interest in campus radio.

“I've been listening to NPR for as long as I can remember,” she said. Her favorite show on NPR is “This American Life.”

“I love the idea of finding little stories of people around the country that wouldn't otherwise be broadcasted,” Vitto said.

As for her print journalism interests, Vitto said that upon taking a journalistic elective course in high school, she was encouraged to pursue print journalism.

Vitto started participating in WGSU as soon as she arrived at Geneseo. She hosted a rotation radio show during her freshman year and after that began working her way up.

By sophomore year, she was the assistant music director. By junior year, she was the programming director. And now as a senior, she is the station manager.

Vitto started with The Lamron during her sophomore year.

“I knew I wanted to practice writing each week,” she said. Vitto added that of all the things she's done on campus, her news articles for The Lamron are what she is most proud of.

Her favorite article is one she wrote in her sophomore year about off-campus housing and the growth of students living off campus. For the article, she got to interview Geneseo's mayor, Richard Hatheway. Since this experience, she said, her favorite articles to write are those about the community.

After she graduates, Vitto said she is considering attending journalism school or looking for a job in journalism. If that doesn't work out, she said that she can always fall back on her secret passion for cheese making - she dreams of one day going to France or Vermont to learn to make her own cheese.

Vitto said that one of her best Geneseo experiences was during her sophomore year when WGSU beat GSTV, the campus television station, in their annual softball game for the first time in nearly 16 years. She said that the two stations have a “friendly rivalry.”

Vitto said she wholeheartedly believes in the power of radio and print journalism.

“Radio is always going to be free,” she said. “It is cheaper than any other medium, so there is no reason [the campus radio station] shouldn't still be funded.”

She also said that being a part of WGSU is a “great experience” because of how tight knit the WGSU community is.

What is Vitto's advice for someone looking to be as involved as she is in campus media?

She said to just “throw yourself into [any campus media organization]. Make it clear to the people on top that you're looking to take on more responsibility and they'll likely listen.”