GSTV brings political discourse to public forum

Senior Sam White, general manager of Geneseo Student Television, said airing a political show on GSTV is one of his goals. White’s aspiration is becoming a reality with a new, political GSTV show, “The Third Degree.”

The show will tentatively premiere on Tuesday Oct. 16 at 7 p.m.

White said he believes that Geneseo lacks a true political outlet for students - one that would allow them to learn the facts from experienced political analysts and connoisseurs as well as hear the opinions of their peers.

Each episode of “The Third Degree” will feature a traditional talk show aspect as well as a debate aspect, and will focus on discussion of two to three timely topics.

The first episode will cover national debt and student loans, and will feature interviews with professors and community members knowledgeable on these topics.

Students interested in politics, including members of Democracy Matters, Invisible Children, Geneseo College Democrats and Geneseo College Republicans, will voice their opinions about various issues, debate on differing political views and generate conversation.

Additionally, White said he anticipates that candidates for Livingston County District Attorney will make appearances on the show.

White said “The Third Degree” is the first show of its kind on GSTV.

“We hope [the show] will bring our viewers something unique,” he said.

According to White, “The Third Degree” will draw inspiration from popular programs such as NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and PBS’ “Washington Week” and “The McLaughlin Group.” Though the show will start with topics pertaining to the presidential election, it will continue with other relevant issues through the rest of the year.

White said he created “The Third Degree” to help students take a more active role in politics.

“Our demographic is the least likely to vote,” he said, adding that this fact is unfortunate, because college is a time to expand your mind and broaden your horizons. White said he hopes the show will get Geneseo students excited about the upcoming presidential election and encourage them to go out and vote.

Anyone interested in working on “The Third Degree” can participate, and no experience is necessary. And for those who can’t make it the show’s 7 p.m. timeslot on Tuesdays, each episode will be put on GSTV’s YouTube account after it airs.