Restaurant Review: Curry, rice, kulfi ice cream: naan other than Tandoor of India

Although the trek to Henrietta, N.Y. seems a bit far from Geneseo, it’s worth it for dinner at Tandoor of India, a restaurant that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you anything but hungry.

The menu consists of a great variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts, including the specialty Indian flatbread, naan. It includes assorted meats and poultry - such as chicken, beef and lamb - as well as a plethora of vegetarian options, an integral part of Indian cuisine.

A tasty choice from the appetizer list are the samosas, savory fried pastries filled with potatoes and peas, seasoned with cumin seeds and chili pepper. The dough compliments the filling nicely, allowing for the spices to stand out without overwhelming the dish.

All entrees are served family style, making it easy to share. The individual dishes look small, but with the large amount of food compacted in such a small bowl, it’s more likely than not there will be some left to take home. When ordering, you can specify the level of spiciness you’d like your dish to have, from mild to extremely spicy.

Basmati rice is also served with the entrees, which helps take some of the edge off the spices but doesn’t absorb the flavorful sauce. Naan doesn’t come with any of the entrees, but I highly recommend that you order it. The naan at Tandoor is crispy and delicate but also a little doughy and nicely buttered - ideal for dipping.

As far as entrees go, the chicken dishes are among the best. The meat is tender and all of the sauces that accompany the chicken dishes are plentiful, but do not take away from the chicken and vegetables. Some personal favorites include chicken curry, chicken tikka masala and chicken dal piaza.

The dessert menu includes some American desserts, including chocolate cake and cheesecake, but why would you order those when you can have one of Tandoor’s fine traditional Indian desserts? For those who want something a little lighter after a filling meal, the kulfi ice cream is a cold, sweet treat offered in mango and pistachio flavors. Gajar ka halwa, an Indian carrot cake, is an interesting mix of sweet and savory with shaved carrots and raisins.

The only major complaint are the prices - for a three course meal, the price can run anywhere from $16-19, including tip. If you visit Tandoor’s website, however, there are coupons available to reduce the price.