Campus remains under construction

Construction is underway throughout the Geneseo campus, and contractors are making progress on Letchworth Dining Hall, Bailey Hall, and Doty Hall.

The contractor for Letchworth Dining Hall’s renovation has taken over and the project has an expected completion date of spring 2014 according to David Norton, project manager for facilities planning and construction.

Norton said that after the contractors placed a fence around Letchworth, “the foot traffic on the grass was not … foreseen,” but to prevent mud build-up during the winter, a temporary asphalt walkway will extend from Putnam Hall to Seneca Hall to provide students with safer walking conditions.

According to Norton, the contractor will begin demolition within Letchworth and will start with the geothermal well system during this semester. Norton has negotiated with Residence Life to hold off construction until 8 a.m. Monday through Friday to avoid noise disturbances to residents in dorms surrounding the construction site.

While some of the work this semester will be external, most of the work on Letchworth will be internal. Norton said that the project will be a “complete overhaul.”

“Basically everything inside is going to get stripped down to its … structure, which is concrete and steel.”

Additions to Letchworth include an extended building entrance as well as the “footprint for additional dining seating.”

According to Norton, since the start of its construction last semester, Bailey Hall “has been completely stripped down from the original building” and has a projected completion date of Summer 2014.

“The contractor has just installed a new steam line on the east side of Bailey … which will provide heat for both Bailey and Brodie Halls,” he said.

In addition to the new steam line, the contractor will begin work on the foundations for the addition to Bailey shortly. With this addition, Bailey will be twice its original size.

In order to complete more construction throughout the winter, Norton said the contractor hopes to have curtain walls that will enclose the building, allowing for a heated work site.

Upon completion, Bailey will hold the psychology, sociology, anthropology and geography departments. Once these departments move into Bailey, Norton said he will look into renovations for Sturges and Fraser Halls.

Construction on Doty Hall, which began in fall 2010, is currently on track for its anticipated completion next semester. Most of the work this semester is focused on creating sidewalks and wrapping up all of the outside work.

“The inside [of Doty] is progressing with mechanical equipment for installations … and interior room partitions,” Norton said.

The majority of offices in Erwin Hall will be moving to Doty Hall, including the Office of the President, Admissions, College Advancement, Administration and Finance, as well as Student and Campus Life.

The Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Provost will remain in Erwin Hall. According to Norton, the vast amount of vacant space left in Erwin Hall is intended to become a student center, though these plans are not confirmed.

The New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities will return to Doty Hall; currently, it is temporarily housed in Holcomb Hall.

According to Norton, all building construction will cease during study day and finals week, depending on the amount of noise the construction produces.