New director for business development center

Paul Morrell was recently named director of Geneseo’s Small Business Development Center. Administered by the SUNY system, the SBDC provides confidential expert counseling services to current and potential small-business owners.

“Through the SBDC, we can discuss the client’s goals, ambitions, and challenges,” Morrell said. “With that conversation we can look at the tools and resources we have available to help the entrepreneur start his business and the business owner get to another level.”

According to Morrell, with the economy in its current state of turbulence, individuals are looking to secure their futures by becoming their own bosses.

Morrell received his master’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in applied mathematical statistics with a dual concentration in industrial statistics and quality control. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering technology from Buffalo State College and an associate’s degree in mechanical technology from Alfred State Technical College.

As executive director of Morrell Associates, he provided consulting expertise in sales, government relations, business development, real estate development, engineering and technical training services.

For eight years Morrell worked in the public sector and held several management positions in Rochester City Hall. He was the acting commissioner of economic development under Mayor Robert Duffy’s administration and for the city of Rochester, N.Y. Morrell promoted economic development initiatives for high-profile clients in real estate.

During this time, Morrell said, “The city would oftentimes recommend a small business to go to the SBDC to get some help with their business plan and strategies.”

When the SBDC director position opened at Geneseo, Morrell seized the opportunity.

“I was aware that various four-year programs within Geneseo are just exceptional,” he said. “With that, I enjoy working with the community and business owners and entrepreneurs. I think that opportunity to get involved with the state and the SBDC just provides a lot of my experiences and background to be able to help the community and able to help grow the economy.”

Morrell said his transition into this leadership position has had some minor challenges.

“Like any organization, there are reporting structures and various administrative duties I have to take care of,” he said. “But my focus is to balance SBDC networking with some of the administrative duties that I have here.”

“If you look at large manufacturing companies, they have struggled and small businesses have been the backbone in the economy,” Morrell said. “It’s great to be a part of that.”