Comfort, confidence reveal true attractiveness

I hate sex. OK, that might sound over dramatic. I don’t hate sex. It’s kind of awesome if I’m being honest. What I really despise is the unnecessary hard work and preparation that go into being “sexy.”

We’ve learned that intercourse starts with a mutual physical attraction. Basically, if you want to get some, you have to be pleasing to someone’s eyes. Yes, it’s superficial, but that’s how society works.

For the natural hotties of the world, this is no problem. All you need to do is throw on a random assortment of clothes - going out in your birthday suit is also a valid option - and someone is probably going to hit on you. But what about the average guy like me?

Let me give you some perspective: My standard, go-to outfit is a Peruvian knit hat - whether it’s -30 or 90 degrees outside - horribly baggy sweatshirts and food-stained pajama pants. Sure, I look like a deranged hobo, but I’m comfortable and happy in that attire.

Unfortunately, what I find comfortable and what society finds attractive is seldom the same. So, when I go out on the weekends, I dress to impress.

In my perfectly humble opinion, I’m the sexiest person in Geneseo when I put some effort into my outfit. The problem is, that’s not the way I look in my normal state of being. By putting on this sexy facade, I’m perpetuating a false reality of myself.

So I say enough! It’s time that everyone stops dressing up and starts dressing down. Go to the Vital Spot in your pajamas. Dance at the In Between in your workout clothes. Go on a date wearing your lazy weekend outfit.

Wear what makes you happy. Then, if someone shows interest in you, you’ll know it’s for the right reasons.