Cheesed and Confused food truck provides gooey, gourmet late night snack

If, like me, you often find yourself casually strolling down Center Street on weekend nights with a voracious appetite for fast and delicious food, then I’m sure you would enjoy a visit to the light blue truck that stands outside of the Idle Hour between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

The truck is adorned with idyllic white clouds with the moniker “Cheesed and Confused” in playful yellow bubble letters, between which a suspiciously gooey and seemingly complacent grilled cheese peeks, a smile of blissful stupor stretched across its face.

Since June, Cheesed and Confused has specialized in serving up gourmet grilled cheese, and true to its name, it is sure to leave you in a state of cheesy bliss - I like to call it “getting cheesed.”

Local bartender and restaurateur Andy Doerflinger saw the opportunity to introduce the popular foodie trend to Livingston County.

“I’m kind of in on the ground as far as it goes in western New York,” Doerflinger said.

Doerflinger said that jumping on the “foodwagon,” so to speak, proved to be a great success.

“I’ve had a good festival circuit in the last few weeks and we have a full agenda booked on weekends until November,” he said. Not only can you satisfy your cheese and carb cravings post-barhopping but also in other - potentially less shameful - settings like festivals and events.

As recommended by Doerflinger, I ordered a customer favorite: the Pork and Mac sandwich, with pulled pork, mac’n’cheese, pepper jack and white cheese, layered to perfection between thick, crusty and buttery sourdough slices.

The pork was sweet and tangy with the slightest bit of heat. Its soft and succulent texture contrasted nicely with the creamy starchiness of the mac’n’cheese and additional cheeses. The perfectly grilled sourdough bread served as a tart, crunchy balance to the sandwich’s decadent innards.

There are currently seven sandwiches on the menu, vegetarian options included. Tomato parmesan soup, the grilled cheese’s classic sidekick, is on the menu, as well as the unusual but equally delectable cheese corn nuggets, which the menu calls “oddly delicious” - and I agree.

You can even craft a sandwich of your own, given a lengthy list of cheese, meat and vegetable choices.

The sandwiches are priced from $5-7 and are sure to leave you well-nourished and ready for a night of innocent and wholesome tomfoolery.

And that’s not all.

When I asked Doerflinger what was in store for his glorious cheese vessel, he said, “Big things … We’re working on a garbage-plate sandwich, so stay tuned for that.”

Look for Cheesed and Confused on Facebook to find out where the truck will be next.