Under the Knife: Peace Action advocates compromise

Peace Action Geneseo brings students together to inform the campus community of the current issues facing legislation. The club takes a stand against chaos by educating students and actively engaging them in world issues.

According to sophomore Patrick McCormick, Peace Action vice president, the organization aims to decrease violence and advocate for peace. The club is a way to voice opinions and come together with people of similar beliefs to strive for a better community.

“We seek to use resources that have been poured into war and other [violence]-promoting outlets and instead put [them] into infrastructure, education and other meaningful social goods,” McCormick said.

The club is a local chapter of Peace Action New York State. PANYS is the statewide section of the national grass-roots organization Peace Action. According to its website, PANYS uses lobbying and political action to promote peaceful approaches to conflict, among other causes.

Peace Action Geneseo earned student recognition last year during which the organization created a petition in support of the Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures Act created to eliminate military spending that could be put to use for citizens’ social programs. Peace Action received over 250 signatures encouraging U.S. Rep. Kathy Hochul to cosponsor the SANE Act.

According to McCormick, this year the organization wants to focus more on gun control. He said work must be done to reach peace in this country before peace can be addressed on the international level. The recent high-profile shootings in the country inspired the club to further investigate this issue.

Peace Action will table in the College Union during the week of Sept. 24 to share information about the club and ways that students can act for causes. McCormick said the organization is in search of fresh ideas and help in their efforts for peace.

“Students should join Peace Action because they are citizens of this world,” McCormick said. “The club gives them a chance to learn how [to participate] and gives them an opportunity to make a difference.”

Expect to see Peace Action on Friday Sept. 21 on the International Day of Peace. Take part in the action on Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m. in CU 325.