Turn over a new leaf with autumn beauty tips

Over the past few weeks, signs of fall have been popping up everywhere. School is in session, it’s starting to get chilly and people are breaking out fall fashion favorites like boots and cozy sweaters. Not to mention, Starbucks started serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes again - yum!

So what does this change in season mean in terms of beauty? Many girls probably won’t want to bother with much makeup when they have to wake up early for class. Here are some simple yet chic makeup ideas that are subtle enough for everyday wear.

One consistent fall trend is dark or red lips. This season, consider deviating from the classic red and try burgundy, plum or even red-orange. Instead of adding gloss, opt for a matte lip. Matte lips have been very trendy on the runway this season and give the look more of an autumn feel.

Brown and taupe eye shadows are still a good - but safe - choice for fall. According to “The Fashion Bomb Blog,” many designers apply metallic eye shadow to just the inner corners of the eye instead of all over the lid. Try using neutral metallic shades like gold, bronze or beige.

If you’re not feeling the metallic eye shadow trend, you can always do a smudged eyeliner look. Basic black will forever be in style, but if you feel adventurous, try gray or jewel-toned colors like forest green, navy blue or eggplant.

For nails, be creative! Try a French tip in your favorite color or experiment with the shaded ombre look. Anything goes with nails this fall.

As always at this time of year, be sure to keep your face and lips moisturized to avoid dry skin and chapping. Plus, using moisturizer is a sure way to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.