Chowhound food truck demolishes hunger with American staples

If you’ve noticed a mysterious truck selling dog-themed food on campus this semester, don’t worry - you’re not crazy. The Chowhound, Geneseo’s new mobile food establishment, is Campus Auxiliary Services’ response to the closing of Letchworth Dining Hall.

The Chowhound is parked along the main pathways on the north side of campus. The exact location of the Chowhound can be found on its Facebook page. Commonly seen outside Jones and Livingston Halls, the Chowhound offers students a fun food alternative.

Jonna Anne, director of culinary operations and executive chef of CAS, said the idea behind the Chowhound is to provide students with “good food, which is fast [and an opportunity] to have fun at the same time.” The fun of tracking down the food truck compliments the classic American diner food it serves.

The Chowhound is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as late-night eating. The menu includes classics like chicken tenders, or “The Foghorn,” grilled cheese known as “The Walter” and burgers each named with a variation of “Scrappy.”

Senior Christine Tipton tried “The Duke,” a Chowhound foot-long hot dog: “It’s really good and I wish I could finish it, but I just can’t,” she said.

“The Foghorn” chicken tenders are deliciously crunchy on the outside, and the fries that come with the combo are well-priced - and pretty darn good. With just the right amount of crunch, salt and other seasoning, they were impressive, to say the least.

For vegetarians and the more health-conscious, the Chowhound provides salads and the “Garden Walter,” a grilled cheese sandwich featuring tomatoes and peppers that looks promising.

The Chowhound’s future is dependent on Geneseo students’ opinions. According to Anne, student feedback on both Facebook and Twitter have already led to menu changes.

Since opening the Chowhound, CAS has offered multiple chances to try its food in a new way, including the Chowhound Picnic Friday, Sept. 7 and the Chowfest this Thursday, Sept. 20. These food fests allow students to sample the food truck’s new cuisine for free.

So next time you hear music blasting from a dog-themed truck, you’ll know it’s the Chowhound crew cooking up American classics. For more updates on the Chowhound, “Like” it on Facebook.