Maxient system streamlines student conduct report process

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards began using the Maxient system for incident reports in Aug. 2011. According to Assistant Dean of Students Tamara H. Kenney, this “student conduct software” is fundamentally a report system that acts as a “conduct manager.”

Prior to implementing the Maxient report system, there were four separate systems used to produce conduct reports. Residence life staff would then distribute conduct letters from Kenney to summoned students by way of residence assistants.

According to Kenney, the Maxient system allows conduct reports to be processed online and sent to students through their Geneseo email accounts. This system allows the conduct process to run more smoothly and quickly while providing for greater privacy and confidentiality.

“This kind of program is more in touch with how students communicate now,” said Kenney.

The Maxient system also allows conduct reporters to do more data tracking than the previous systems, thus reducing the amount of paperwork and creating a more organized process.

“The new system has been fantastic,” said Kenney. “It allows us to generate a conduct report with three keystrokes. Each conduct report used to take between three and seven pieces of paper, so we are really cutting down on the amount of paper we use.”

“Now [the information] is all in one central location,” said Kenney. “It’s all run through a single server document. Within the program, letters are maintained on a secure server, which cuts down on cabinets and cabinets of file space.”

According to Kenney, this new system gives the staff more time to focus on individual students rather than being overwhelmed by paperwork processing.

“Conduct meetings used to take two hours to prepare for, but now there is more time to actually talk to each student,” said Kenney.