Geneseo Guitar Club strums to success

On Monday Sept. 10, the harmonic ringing of guitars filled the KnightSpot with flowing, original music for a Geneseo Guitar Club workshop.

Though it takes hard work and practice to rise to the skill level of senior members of Guitar Club, proficient members made themselves available to assist less experienced students.

The majority of the guitar workshop focused on teaching eager and aspiring guitarists the basic tools for improvement: chords, scales and fingerings included. Many of these interactions were one-on-one, enabling the best possible learning experience.

While most of the students were guitarists, some participants chose to experiment with other instruments, including the banjo.

After some time, the beginner students learned enough and were able to contribute small portions to the group’s jamming session, a common Guitar Club activity.

“It’s kind of become like a family now; everyone is really close,” senior Shadman Sinha said. He and classmate Ara Kim co-founded the Guitar Club three years ago.

In its early days, Kim and Sinha were the only members of the unofficial club. They met once a week in a classroom in the ISC to jam with their eventual club adviser, biology professor Gregg Hartvigsen.

Since then, the Guitar Club has bloomed and its open workshops and weekly meetings are available to all students. They stress that anyone with a love for music and string instruments can and should join.

“Keep an eye out for a bunch of guitars, because that’s probably who we are,” junior Guitar Club President Chris Coffey said. Guitar Club meets on Fridays from 5-7 p.m. in the College Union Fireside Lounge.