Fall wardrobes call for style, comfort

Walking up Geneseo’s hills is so exhausting that some feel their wardrobe can only consist of a few things: sweatpants, hoodies, T-shirts and Ugg boots. Every student wants to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean comfort can’t be fashionable!

Switch the sweatpants to leggings or jeans. Girls can take an oversized knit sweater in place of the classic Geneseo hoodie, and guys can trade theirs in for a more structured sweater. To add a little more character to the outfit, everyone can throw on a scarf to complete the look.

Shoes will make or break your campus wardrobe. Comfy but cute is always difficult to find. Riding boots look cute, but provide enough support in the boot so that walking to class and around campus is a comfortable experience. Another option for both guys and girls are Sperry Top-Siders, or boat shoes. These are great for walking around and they look great on everyone.

To gain some inspiration for a great fall fashion wardrobe, pick celebrity style icons and look for pieces like the ones they flaunt; maybe the pieces are already in your closet. For girls, a great fall style icon to study is Taylor Swift. She does an amazing job pairing loose sweaters with many different items, like bags, skirts, dresses and hats. Changing up what you wear with the sweater will make every outfit look brand new.

Guys can emulate David Beckham. He’s a killer athlete with some killer style. Trade in the sweater for a leather jacket. Pair a sweater with a trendy button-down shirt for a classier look, or go edgy and add a hat.

Everyone has their own style, but anyone can apply these tips to their own wardrobe and obtain a new, comfortable and fashion-forward look.