Beat from the editor's seat: Keeping consistency amid shift in staff

Whether we like it or not, once again – it’s round three for me – a Geneseo September is upon us. The Lamron is set for coverage.

The transition from spring to fall semester introduced a complete turnaround for The Lamron’s eboard: We saw 11 members leave, most graduating into the looming world of adulthood, leaving spots for fresh faces to fill and some daunting and demanding responsibilities to take on.

This shift brings a new voice to the 17-person editorial staff. Ten of us are females, only six of us are seniors and our majors reach across the spectrum, from economics and business administration to art history and English, among other impressive choices. With that academic diversity, you could pinpoint the collective staff as a Renaissance man – or woman.

I hope that this diversity will lend itself in continuing The Lamron’s reputation as a credible and objective news source, providing a wide array of relevant information and fact-based opinions to the Geneseo student body and surrounding community.

The fall promises a tumultuous ride – election 2012, anyone? – but a shift in staff doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t provide the two-sided coverage that’s expected of us. In fact, it will challenge us to be in tip-top journalistic shape.

The rate at which news travels today is incredibly fast. Adapting to that speed is our next step as we jump headfirst into the current of top stories, breaking news and, of course, political gossip. I mean, key debates.

After two years of Lamron solidarity, this exaggerated shift is both frightening and exhilarating. We’re nervous, naturally. The dynamics of the eboard are still being interpreted, but I see something forming; it looks promising.

There will be changes. Change is inevitable, and it will be noticeable to both readers and us. But, as a news source, The Lamron’s main goal is to stand as an informant to the masses; I wouldn’t want us to be seen any other way.

As we get comfortable with each other and explore within The Lamron realm, we remind ourselves why we’re here: We are indebted to you and our job is to inform. That’s what we will do.