Democrats open office on Main Street

On Saturday April 14, The Livingston County Democrats opened their new office on Main Street in Geneseo. U.S. Rep. Kathy Hochul cut the ribbon of the new headquarters and spoke briefly about the impact of the democratic initiative of the county.

“This is the heart of my new district,” said Hochul. “This headquarters is going to be a central component to our campaign.”

In her speech, Hochul discussed her recent trip through Livingston County, touching on some of the places she visited and her interaction with local business owners. She also spoke about local issues including student debt and small-business taxes.

“[Students are] starting out with debt and strikes against them, even from great public institutions like Geneseo,” said Hochul.

“Small businesses are paying too much in taxes and they don’t have lobbyists in Washington to get them corporate loopholes,” she said. “I have a problem with that … Being in the community, I’m able to absorb what the issues are and better represent my district in Washington, [D.C.]”

“We’re thrilled with the congresswoman’s involvement with Livingston County,” said Judith Hunter, chair of the Livingston County Democrats. “It’s great to feel truly represented.”

Additionally, Hunter spoke about the democrats’ goals and their anticipation of the new headquarters’ impact.

“We want to be a source of information,” said Hunter. “I’m also envisioning the headquarters being a staging ground for trips down to Pennsylvania and other swing states for the Obama campaign.”

“To have a place on Main Street where students can walk to from campus is great,” she said. “We expect to have a lot of student involvement, especially with it being a campaign year.”

“This is the first time the Livingston County committee will have a local branch,” said senior Alexandra Casey, president of Geneseo College Democrats. “I think it’s really important for students to get involved in local politics. The rules and laws of the community apply to us, so we should be involved and have a say.”

“The students are an important aspect to bridging the gap between the college and the community, and having this headquarters will serve as a great resource for students who want to get involved, or even just get their questions answered,” said Casey.

“I started as a student intern myself to help get the right candidates elected,” said Hochul. “This office will provide a great opportunity for students who want to volunteer.”

Depending on volunteer involvement, the headquarters will be open weekday evenings and weekend afternoons. Hochul said students interested in getting involved should contact the Livingston County Democrats or stop by the new office at 116 Main St.