Incidental Amusements

At the end of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, after almost completing his climb up the sides of Mount Doom, mere yards away from finishing his epic quest to destroy the Ring of Power in the volcano’s fires, Frodo speaks these words: “I don’t recall the touch of grass … nor the taste of food.”

It’s days like today when I just want to say to him, “Dude, I hear you bro.”

Now, I’m no hobbit and I haven’t been stabbed a few times or betrayed by a small disturbed creature I keep in my company or, you know, almost engorged by a ginormous spider, but I still say that we, the college students of Regular Earth, have it pretty tough at this time of year.

Especially me.

And not because I’m necessarily busier than anyone else – I’m just far less capable of handling it with any amount of skill, finesse or competency.

This is how you people end up with an Incidental writer who literally couldn’t remember how to put on her hoodie this morning. Seriously, I stared at it for a good 20 seconds just wondering, what the bleep are these holes for?

So in lieu of a full length Incidental, which would simply be a 400-word diatribe of despair, my housemate was kind enough to convey basically the same sentiment with a drawing of a hamster. Enjoy staring at that while I go cry somewhere.