Cooking tips, techniques for delicious dishes

Hey there DIY-ers, and welcome back to those who went home for the holidays. In light of the recent return to real food, I’m throwing out some more tips for your basic food and cooking needs here at school.

1. Save your salad!

It’s a pain in the neck to throw together a salad only to have the giant chunks of iceberg lettuce fall to the bottom, leaving the huge spinach leaves to take all the dressing. Use a pizza slicer to chop up your leafy greens by rolling back and forth. It’s so much easier than chopping!

2. It’s gettin’ hot in here…

…so take out all your mouse pads. Generally, people have a spare, and if it happens to be without a plastic covering, it works wonders as a stand-in potholder or trivet to protect your tabletops from hot pans or cookie trays.

3. Shaken, not stirred.

Instead of wasting time whipping up eggs or an omelet with a fork or a whisk, throw it all into a cocktail mixer or shaker instead. Shake it up for one to two minutes and you’ve got skillet-ready mixes in no time!

4. An apple a day…

…can get easily bruised during the course of your daily commute to and from classes. Protect your fruits – and daily nutrition – by sliding a foam drink cooler over your apple or pear to avoid unwanted bruises.

5. Slice and dice.

Trying to chop up fruit for a smoothie, vegetables for a soup, nuts for your yogurt or some cheese for your salad? Instead of spending hours with a knife and cutting board, buy a cheap egg slicer and shave many minutes of preparation off your kitchen time.

6. Serving up some sizing.

Portion control can be really difficult, especially with all the food on campus. You can follow general guidelines online, or you can be green and save an old soda bottle. The opening generally fits enough uncooked spaghetti for a full serving for one person. No more food comas!