Insomnia Film Fest pushes students to the limit

On Friday March 30 the first ever Insomnia Film Festival – sponsored by CIT, Milne Library and Campus Auxiliary Services – took place in the Union Ballroom. The event had a strong number of submissions and a healthy attendance.

Insomnia teams had 24 hours to write, cast, film, edit and submit a video with a maximum runtime of three minutes.

They couldn’t make a video about just anything, either. Each submission had to incorporate three items from a list of 20 random objects and phrases including a puppet, the line “You shall not pass!” and the Wilhelm scream. The most commonly used images were a blue coffee mug, a pair of heavy wooden doors and a couple holding hands. Considering these constraints, especially with the 24-hour time limit, it’s impressive what each of the eight teams accomplished.

The panel of judges graded each video on specific qualities. The impact on the judges, the cinematography, the story/writing and the overall completed work were all under scrutiny.

The runner-up videos were split between comedy and drama. SA Films & Production’s Return to Reality mixed both and reminded us how annoying our alarm clocks are. Blondie Joe Manco Productions’ Stale Mate gave us a witty “anything you can do I can do better” video. The Green Lighters’ Fiddler’s Green featured a dramatic trip out of Sturges (featuring Fraser and Brodie Halls). MAD J’s film was a Geneseo version of the recent film New Year’s Eve. Team Trogdor’s A Through F was a strong contender for third place with its sidesplitting jokes.

Third place, which came with $100 in bookstore credit split among team members, was awarded to The MC Productions for Dream a Little Dream. The plot was based on a man’s regret over leaving his girlfriend in a 2001: A Space Odyssey-style dream sequence.

The Inside of the Crystal by The World of Surreal won second place for its fittingly surreal qualities and interesting themes. For their efforts the team got to split $200 worth of iTunes gift cards.

After seeing every video, Team Steve’s Theo and the Labyrinth was the clear winner. Hilarious throughout, the film demonstrated the consequences of wandering into Brodie Hall late at night. The generous prize of $300 worth of Amazon gift cards split among team members was well-deserved.

If you missed the film festival, or you’d like to revisit each film, they are all available at