Simple Advice: Keep it zen when reasoning with friends

I don’t always feel like hanging out with people. How do I gently tell someone I would rather be left alone for the night?

Everyone needs alone time every now and then to clear their mind, so don’t feel like you don’t have the right to your own personal space – you do. All you need to say is that as much as you enjoy hanging out with them, you feel like you need some personal time to unwind. Suggest another time for you to hang out so it doesn’t seem like you’re avoiding the person, and be sincere. Your friend probably feels the need for alone time at some points too, so they should understand and respect your need as well.

How do I make my friends pay for gas when I drive them places?

With the price of gas skyrocketing, your friends should be able to understand why you are looking for reimbursement when you drive them around, especially if they are the only reason for taking the trip.

Next time they ask you for a ride somewhere, simply tell them that you can barely afford gas for your own trips because it goes so quickly and the price has risen so high. Tell them that if they are willing to chip in for gas, you’d be happy to take them, but otherwise the cost is not in your budget. Let them know it’s nothing personal, and that if you had the extra money you wouldn’t need to ask.

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