“#MTC” combines pop culture with theatricality and humor

Geneseo’s Musical Theatre Club has hopped on the hashtag bandwagon this year with their spring production “#MTC.”

While the main theme is hashtags and Twitter, the show begins with a wacky scene as four of the actors pile on top of each other and peek out from under the curtain to greet the audience.

“New Kid Skit” is an MTC staple every semester. The newest members perform a song and dance proclaiming why they are better than the previous classes of new kids. While a recurring skit, this cast manages a great rendition.

Just before intermission the cast breaks into a unique version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The equally impressive visuals and singing easily make it the best performance of the show. For the act one finale, all cast members come on stage at once and fall to the ground like zombies dropping dead.

Act two starts with “SIM Skit” and “Sucks to Be Me,” both of which are standouts. “SIM skit” involves MTC president junior Katelyn Hearfield behaving like a sim from the video game “The Sims.” She speaks in the sim language, talks about simoleons and even displays sim body language.

“Sucks to Be Me” revives the pop culture theme for a second round with characters from Twilight, Harry Potter, Star Wars and MTC itself. The characters come on stage and argue about why they had it worse than their predecessors until two of the pit members enter and counter with complaints of the hardship of playing in the pit for several hours.

With a mix of pop culture and impressive acting, MTC brings to life a complex show. MTC will perform “#MTC” from Thursday March 29 – Saturday March 31. Tickets are free but seats are limited, so audience members are encouraged to come as early as 6:30 p.m. to pick up a ticket for the 8 p.m. shows.