Fresh tips to spring into a new DIY season

In honor of the beautiful weather, I thought I would share some DIY tips to help you spruce up your style and living space for the springtime:

1. Let the sun shine.

Bored of your plain black sunglasses? Brighten up your shades with some tissue paper. Trace an outline of the arms of the sunglasses onto tissue paper and use scissors to cut it out. Brush some glue onto both arms and carefully wrap the paper around, smoothing out wrinkles. Voilà!

2. Eggs-ellent for the environment!

Nothing screams springtime more than plants. For those inevitable Geneseo return-to-winter days, plant some seedlings to bring life into your room. Instead of a planter, save an empty eggshell and carefully plant the seedling inside. When your plant grows a little too big, you can put the whole thing in the ground. The eggshell will decompose and nourish the soil around your plant.

3. Paint the town red.

Quickly and inexpensively bring a little color inside. Run and grab some wallpaper from Wal-Mart and a few photo frames. Pick your favorite patterns – pinstripes and solids go nicely together – and cut them to fit the frames. Bright blocks of color make a fun addition to photos and it’s easy to change the design as often as you want.

4. Mad mags.

Get rid of your old fall and winter magazines but don’t waste them by throwing them out. Instead, repurpose them for the next time you have friends over by creating coasters. Try this spiral design: Cut colorful pages out of your magazine and fold them lengthwise over and over until they are about a half inch thick. Curl the strip up tightly until you have a spiral. Allow the spiral to loosen and place dots of glue along the inside. Recurl the spiral and hold so the glue has a chance to get a grip. Repeat with as many strips as necessary until you reach the desired size. For squares, squeeze four corners into the strips and continue to squeeze them with each following strip of paper. Cover with clear glue to finish.