“Paperworks” exhibit opens in Kinetic Gallery

The Kinetic Gallery’s new exhibition “Paperworks” showcases New York City-based artist Lisa Berley’s studies of geometric elements in both urban and suburban environments.

In “Paperworks,” Berley employs a wide range of mediums including photography, collage and transfer painting – a process that involves the use of a gel medium to transfer ink from magazines or newspapers onto an artwork. The exhibition creates an environment filled with eye-catching colors and thought-provoking, intricate forms.

Berley’s background as a city girl displaced to the suburbs is visible throughout. While much of her art has an urban feel, some of Berley’s works depict – and in one sculptural installation literally include – suburban oak trees from her Long Island neighborhood. The exhibition also features abstract works created from images of recognizable everyday objects such as scissors, a car and chaise lounge chairs.

Berley said that one of the primary influences on her work is urban architecture. In her photographic installation “Inez 1969,” which takes up the entire back wall of the Kinetic Gallery, she layers opposing geometric structures in order to create unique photographic architecture. The installation is composed of many photos Berley took while looking down on a New York City street from an upper-story glass block window. The photos, printed on small square sheets, are arranged to form a cityscape. “Inez 1969” confronts viewers with its multiple compositions while simultaneously deconstructing and melding the original architecture into something new.

One of the most remarkable things about Berley as an artist is the spontaneity of her creative process. She shoots most of her photography from her iPhone on an app called Hipstamatic. “The nice thing about [Hipstamatic] is the ease of use. You can change the lenses and the film,” she said.

Berley explained that this ease of use helps her to create art in a way that regular cameras can’t. “I want to make images that aren’t that precious,” she said. “It’s really about the moment and the impression of that moment that you’re left with.”

“Paperworks” will be on display in the College Union’s Kinetic Gallery from March 23 to April 15.