Shows you should be watching: "The Walking Dead"

AMC’s successful show “The Walking Dead” puts a unique twist on the zombie craze that has enveloped the world for years now. Based on a hit comic book series of the same name, the show should not be overlooked by anyone who has even the slightest interest in zombie entertainment.

It provides a more realistic view of a zombie apocalypse – there aren’t hoards of zombies around every corner. While some might see this as detrimental, it gives the characters more time to develop interpersonal relationships and for the social order to break down due to crises, as one might expect it to in any form of apocalypse.

The show is intense and provides action even when there are not zombies to mow down people with assorted weaponry. It is so well done that it would make even famed zombie movie director George A. Romero proud. So sit down with your friends on Sunday night and check out “The Walking Dead” on AMC at 9 p.m.