Vice President - Kahrs

Vice President

Rob Kahrs

Class of 2014

Define the position you're running for and explain why you're running.

The vice president position is one that commands a lot of responsibility out of the individual holding it. Being a visible face of campus, making sure that the president has all the capabilities to carry out their responsibilities, as well as serve the student senators and represent the student body at the all-college senate, something I think that I'd be very good at.

What experience qualifies you for this position?

I am a two-year veteran of student senate. I have been present for many policy changes, and lack of changes, such as a 5 to 12 change. I have experience speaking in front of senate and serving as a member to the faculty affairs committee, and having a perfect attendance for both. Additionally, I have spoken to both previous vice presidents about the position – I know what it entails, I know what the requirements are, and I believe that I would be able to step into those shoes very easily ... I also have spoken to many other exec members and tried to determine the right balance of working academically and extracurricularly.

What are your plans if you are elected?

If elected, I plan to use the student senators that I select to make sure the proper issues are brought to all-college senate, especially by using the senators to visit other standing bodies of the student association.

Were there any decisions made this past year that you strongly agree or disagree with?

There was a lot of gray area when it came to the spring concert – dipping into reserves for additional funds, things like that. I was an advocate for a possible slight raise in ticket prices to try and offset the costs because I know that in the previous academic year, the Student Association dipped well into the reserve funds, and if for some reason the referendum doesn't pass, we still need to fund all our student organizations. That was something that I somewhat disagreed with, however I do respect the decision being made. In future concerts, whether there's two or one for the year, I think that's something that needs a lot more scrutiny, a lot more discussion based upon how we want to provide the funding for the concert.

Thoughts on the budget and the state of the reserves?

I think it was a great thing that the mandatory student activity fees were raised from $85 to $100 ... I think that the $15 per student was a necessary thing, especially with the rising costs. The state of the reserves I think to be more closely monitored so we don't overdraw from that account too much; that we are able to create a balanced budget and use money we do have more efficiently.

What do you feel the role of the SA constitution is?

The role of the constitution is to provide the background necessary for making gray-area decisions, because it is a culmination of many years' worth of going through the issues. When something comes up that is uncertain as to whether it is permissible, we do have a reference point to go off of, and if it's not directly covered it allows us to make a more accurate decision.

Do you feel that students understand what SA is? How could transparency be increased?

I think without a doubt all students know what SA is in the general sense – it’s where our mandatory student activity fees goes, it's the thing that gives money to organizations and puts on a lot of the great programs on campus, but I don't know how much students know about all the standing committees, about avenues they can get involved with, and about how intricate the relationship is between student association and the administrative body. To increase transparency, I think that in advertising the SA meetings is a great thing ... but also having a greater presence especially at the information fair, the few that we've had throughout the year and greater access to materials and information especially on knightlink is going to help with that.