President - Annable


Carly Annable

Class of 2013

Define the position you're running for and explain why you're running.

I'm running for the position of SA President. Basically, in this position I am the face of the student body to administration, faculty, staff and alumni. I advocate for the students and I help make sure that the SA (executive) board is making informed decisions on what to do with mandatory student activity fees.

What experience qualifies you for this position?

I've been involved in Inter-Residence Council which is one of the standing committees for Student Association since freshman year. I've also been involved in various different organizations on campus, such as National Residence Hall Honorary, the Lamron, I did a show on GSTV...I'm also a member of Phi Lambda Chi sorority and I've been involved with orientation since the summer after my freshman year, so I feel that I have a really diverse background of Geneseo experiences that I think would give me a unique upper hand in the election and when dealing with Student Association. I feel that through my experiences, I'm really in tune with the average student is interested in and is looking for from their experiences with Student Association.

What are your plans if you are elected?

If I'm elected, my largest goal is to make sure that there's a mechanism put into place so that organizations are required to sit down with someone from SA exec before their reading can be put on the agenda. Getting up in front of SA is an intimidating process, and that's not something that I think should be necessary...I don't think that it's anyone's fault that it is intimidating, but a lot of times when organizations get up there, they don't really understand what kinds of questions they're going to be asked...Being able to meet with someone would allow them to...realize what kinds of questions they're going to be asked-- whether or not coming to SA is the correct form of funding or whether or not they can already just realign funds that they already have. It'll just make the process a lot less painful.

Were there any decisions made this past year that you strongly agree or disagree with?

The thing that I disagree with the most out of this year, but I completely understand why it was passed, was increasing the funding for the concert. I love the concert; I think that it's one of the biggest ways that Student Association gives back to the student body, but I don't think that increasing it by that much was entirely necessary...I stand behind our e-board's decision to increase the funding for it, because I think that concerts does a really good job with the funding that they're given.

Thoughts on the budget and the state of the reserves?

Right now the state of the reserves is something that I take really seriously. I don't think that we're in a horrible position, but I do think that we need to be a little bit more critical when we are looking at funding things and looking at taking things out of reserves...The reserves are there for a reason; they're there to ensure that if the referendum doesn't pass...we'll still be able to fund organizations, and just because we think that the referendum is going to pass now doesn't mean that it's always going to (pass). It's not fair for us to be playing with the future association's money."

What do you feel the role of the SA constitution is?

I think that the (role of) SA's constitution is to ensure continuity between years. Every board has their own opinions on how to interpret it, but when it comes down to it there are aspects of the constitution and the bylaws that are relatively strict and you can't really interpret as leniently as others ... I like the fact that the constitution kind of gives us a framework to work off of, but ensures that if an e-board wasn't acting in the students' best interest, that there are mechanisms in place to deal with it.

Do you feel that students understand what SA is? How could transparency be increased?

I think that students are aware of Student Association ... A good amount of everything that every student is involved in on campus is funded by Student Association, but I don't think the average student is really aware of the breadth of the impact that SA has. This is something that next year, if I'm elected, I would really like to work with whoever is PR to make Student Association's name and mission a little bit more visible. On the topic of transparency, I don't think that Student Association is as transparent as it could possibly be. If I'm elected, I want to work with the PR person to put more things online and make things more available for students to look at. I also want to advertise more that Student Association's office is an open office, and that it's everyone's office, so that if anyone has any questions or concerns, that they can walk in and someone will give them the answers that they're looking for.