Director of Student Programming - Bower

Director of Student Programming

Matt Bower

Class of 2013

Define the position you’re running for and explain why you’re running.

The position I’m running for is Director of Student Programming, which also serves as the Chair of Activities Commission. The reason I’m running is because I’m currently the Vice Chair of Activities Commission and I’ve always been interested in spearheading the organization and being a part of Student Association since freshman year. I have met with the Advisor, Kerry Bachman, and the current Director of Student Programming, Heather Bristol, and the previous Director of Student Programming, Nick Spengler, about their positions. As for logistics, you are the Chair of Activities Commission, so that means you run the General Assembly. You are in charge of the Executive Board, so you run the Executive meetings. You are the one that makes sure everything happens. You also serve on Student Association, so that means that you are one of the seven individuals that votes on all of the Student Association related financial policies. You are the individual who is in charge of the class funding, so any class that wants to put on an event has a specific place to go for funding. I’m the person that accepts or denies the events that they want to put on. I’m in charge of the reception following Commencement and all of the logistics of that. Other than that I’m responsible for meeting with the Advisor of AC every week and meeting with all the individuals to make sure their jobs are followed through with and being the liaison between SA and AC.

What experience do you feel qualifies you for this position?

I am currently the Vice Chair so I have worked directly with the current Director of Student Programming and the previous Director of Student Programming to gain other experience that relates to SA. I’ve been the president of Amnesty International for two years, so I’ve been very involved with that side of Student Association. I know exactly how all the conference funding, presentations, and Student Association meetings work. For leadership experience in general, I’ve been Board of Directors member and leader of Livingston Cares, the humanitarian relief effort in Biloxi, Mississippi, the Vice President of Leadership of Alpha Phi Omega, which is the community service organization. I’m currently the Literacy and Education Service Director of Golden Key International Honors Society. For Residence Life, I’ve been a Resident Advisor in EcoHouse for two semesters, and I currently serve as such. Previously I’ve been an RA in Erie Hall and next year I’ll be serving as the Assistant Residence Director of Dante House. I think that I have a lot of related experience.

Do you have any plans if elected?

There’s a lot of things that I want to do. The first is that right now I’m starting to meet with every member of the current General Assembly and the Executive Board. We are going to have a fifteen minute meeting per individual. We are going to sit down and I’m going to take notes on everything that they want to change about AC, because they know what needs to happen in the future. After I meet with every individual, I’m going to create an Action Statement, a plan of what we want to do next year, and I’m going to present it to the current board and we are going to talk about it and see what needs to be changed. Currently, I serve as the Vice Chair, so I’m in charge of elections processes, so I’m going to meet with newly elected executives and talk with them about what needs to happen in the future. As for the plan for AC logistics, currently we meet in the Board Room. It’s a very dark and small room. Everyone is constantly pushing interrelatedness between AC and SA and that can’t happen in a small room. I’m planning on moving us to the Hunt Room next year so that we have enough room for people to come sit in with us and for other members of campus to get more involved with us.

What are the decisions made this past year that you strongly agree or disagree with?

One problem we face is that we have tons of programming positions, such as concerts and such and they all plan their own events. For example KINO is planning the movie events like its almost as if KINO is doing that and AC is not doing that. It is difficult to get everyone together working on a single event. We have been working on pushing a board aspect instead of an individualistic aspect to make sure that it is more cohesive. I think that we’ve had a lot of great progress with that and I think that we need to keep pushing that in the future. We’ve had a bit of an issue with things being almost too professional this year so that it feels like you’re coming to work and people are like coworkers. I feel that it needs to be more of a friendship or social relationship, like Greek life or Res Life. I hope to continue to push that feeling in the future.

What are your thoughts on the SA budget and the state of the reserves?

Everyone is well aware that we were left in debt from the last year, which is a major problem that we’ve continued to face. There has been a big scare about not giving people money. This was a big issue when it came to increasing the budget for concerts. I think that we need to be very cognizant of the money that we spend and that the individual who gets the business position for Student Association needs to be incredible competent and that we still need to program effectively. That would be my job. Given the resources that we have, we still need to do the best that we possibly can.