Director of Student Affairs - Baker

Director of Student Affairs

Sadie Baker

Class of 2013

Define the position that you’re running for and explain why you’re running for it.

The Director of Student Affairs has five main jobs. First, they’re chair for the Alliance for Community Enrichment, which is a committee that incorporates the ten multicultural student groups on campus. Last year, I was the Alliance for Community Enrichment representative for Pride Alliance, so I have a lot of experience with ACE already. I had a really good experience when I was on ACE, and I got to know a lot of how SA and ACE work. I thought that I could be a really good chair because I have a lot of experience and because multicultural work is one of my passions. The Director of Student Affairs is also the liaison for campus students and represents Geneseo at advocacy lobbying events in Albany. They also sit on the board of Geneseo First Response, and I have worked at Lauderdale Center for Student Health and Counseling for the past two years. I thought it would be good for the GFR Board to have a student on it because it is mostly made up of adults, and since I have experience with Geneseo’s medical system, I think that my input could be really useful. I’ve also been working with the current director of student affairs on some system for student transportation to and from Rochester for things like medical appointments and emergencies. We are also working with the sexual assault team at Geneseo to see if we could work that in. That is something that I really want to keep doing as Director of Student Affairs.

What experience do you think qualifies you for the position?

I think that as an ACE representative I got a lot of experience with how ACE works. I’ve also been to quite a few SA meetings so I know how SA works. This is the second year that I’ve been on the E-Board for a Geneseo group. I’m currently the secretary of Pride Alliance, so we do a lot of getting funding through SA and things like that. I think that the Executive Board of SA really needs someone who is familiar with what SA does and what it consists of, because SA has a lot of rules and a lot of red tape sometimes.

Do you have any plans if you are elected?

I want to keep working on the project to organize some kind of student transportation to the hospitals in Rochester, particularly Strong Hospital. I would also like to see more events having to do with intersectionality on ACE because right now the groups can apply for funding through ACE on their own or through working with another ACE group, but most of the events are primarily run by one group. I’d really like to see more group events, like speakers, that address issues of intersectionality. In Pride we recently had two really great meetings about the intersections between racial minority groups and sexual minority groups. Those meetings brought up a lot of really interesting issues that I think would be relevant to the greater community, or at least interesting to the greater Geneseo community.

Where there any decisions made this year that you strongly agreed or disagreed with?

There was an issue where the Korean-American Student Association had scheduled their Cultural Dinner a year ago and Activities Commission scheduled the Spring Concert for the exact same night. KOASA went to them and asked why AC scheduled their event then and, though I haven’t heard AC’s side of the story, what I heard from KOASA was that AC claimed their event was bigger than KOASA’s, so they would just have to reschedule. KOASA had to reschedule for earlier in the day, which they are afraid will impact the number of people that will turn up. I was displeased when I heard that because I thought that one committee of SA should not be stepping on the toes of another committee on SA. I think that it’s important that all the groups consult each other before scheduling major events.

What are your thoughts on the SA budget and the state of the reserves?

I think SA does a pretty good job of managing their budget. I know they keep a really close watch on it and they keep the records really up to date. I think that it’s really important that we keep the mandatory student activity fee mandatory so that we don’t have to draw too much on the reserves, which are there as a backup for the budget to make sure that, in the event of anything unusual happening, that student activities will continue to be supported. Almost all of the student clubs are funded through SA and not the actual school. Of course, we know that the school is massively in debt so it’s important that SA continues to run the budget efficiently so that we don’t lose out on all of the awesome activities that we have as students.