Director of Inter-Residence Affairs - Roma

Director of Inter-Residence Affairs

Silvia Roma

Class of 2013

Define the position you’re running for and explain why you are running?

Director of Inter-Residence affairs has two major components: one would be representing the on-campus students through SA at SA meetings as well as chairing the standing committee IRC. At IRC we get together with thirty representatives from all the residence halls to allocate funds given to us through SA to put on quality programs in the residence halls. I’ve been a part of IRC in some way, shape or form since my freshman year. As a freshman, I was on my hall council in Jones Hall. I was a second hall rep but was an IRC sub rep. I loved the IRC meetings I went to and decided to run for the IRC rep position my sophomore year in Genesee Hall and I absolutely loved my experience. As an IRC rep I started going to conferences with IRC and through my positive experience I decided that I wanted to run for national communication coordinator, which is the position I currently hold with Casey Howard. That has also been such a positive experience, which I think has really prepared me for the position of Director of Inter-Residence Affairs because a lot of what I do is to make sure that the delegates that I bring to conferences are getting the most out of their experience and I think that something that’s important in the role of Director of Inter-Residence Affairs is making sure that the residents and our representatives are getting the most out of their experience at Geneseo.

What experience qualifies you for this position?

I think that my experience as national communication coordinator has allowed me to understand how the executive board of IRC runs as well as my attendance at SA meetings allowing me to understand how SA functions. I work currently as an RA. I clearly have an invested interest in the students. I absolutely love programming. I go to the conferences through IRC to promote programming and to bring programs from other schools in the northeast region back to Geneseo. I look forward to representing Geneseo students here to the administration and faculty, if elected. I would not be the leader I am today without the experience IRC has given me. Otherwise, I pretty much explained above my experiences that made me qualified for the job.

Do you have any plans if you are elected?

One of the things I would love to see more of is collaboration between the other standing committees as well as ACE. I think that the mission of the other committees, putting on quality programs with what they do, is a common mission throughout the SA committees. Working together with the other standing committees and supporting them is important to me, having also been a part of AAC. Not only are we residents, we’re also students, so why not help out other standing committees when they’re putting on programs when they directly affect us as well? Additionally, it’s imperative that more students get involved with the advocacy trips. It’s important that we make sure that our on-campus residents know these things are going on, because the trip to Albany this year was canceled, which was unfortunate. I think that getting the word out there is important.

Were there any decisions made this past year that you strongly agree or disagree with?

This year, Carly Annable, who is the current Director of Inter-Residence Affairs, has done a great job having town-hall style meetings for IRC. We’ve had one so far and it was really successful. I really liked that—I thought we really heard the voices of students and what they wanted and what they felt was important. Because of that, we are having administrators come in and speak about the issues addressed at the meeting. So, if elected, I would love to keep those meetings. Having one every month or every other month would really important to me to keep an open dialogue as well as having CAS come in and take the opinions of our representatives and directly using them to see changes in the dining facilities. There hasn’t been anything I strongly disagreed with because in my mind the money is there for the representatives to use. I would like to see more programs, so something I would work on is making sure people feel comfortable presenting readings, possibly doing more mock-readings if they’re aren’t feeling ready to present yet.

What are your thoughts on the budget and the reserves?

I think that SA has done a great job at being very careful with how money is allocated and, if elected, I would want more knowledge about what our on-campus students want. For example, when we had the issue with taking funds out of the reserves for the concert, Carly directly brought that up to the IRC representatives to get an idea of what on-campus students wanted. I think that’s a great way of seeing what students think and ultimately representing them in my decision. As far as the reserves, I think that they’re there as reserves and I’m really concerned about dipping into them because in the event that the referendum doesn’t pass, that’s a huge issue we have to keep in mind every time we want to dip into those funds. We have to be really careful.