Director of Business Affairs - Clark

Director of Business Affairs

Nikolay Clark

Class of 2013

Define the position and explain why you’re running for it.

My understanding is that the director of business affairs is in charge of all the inventory and they have to do weekly minutes for SA and all the SA readings. That also involves putting everything on KnightLink so all the clubs and organizations get to see what has happened, what readings went through and didn’t. The most important part is the audit at the end of the year; making sure we have all our accounts balanced.

What experience qualifies you for this position?

I feel like I’m qualified; I’ve been taking minutes since high school. My freshman year I was in Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity. I’ve taken minutes for all our pledge classes. Last year I was in Steuben; I was treasurer and then vice president. Those both gave me experience managing money and also allowed me to take minutes for officers and keep things on file.

Do you have any plans should you be elected?

If I’m elected I’m going to try to get all of our financial things streamlined. Right now we’re working on KnightLink finance tab but there have been some difficulties so I’ve been looking at alternatives. There’s a Google product called Wave Accounting which we could probably get … I’m also trying to see if we can get our purchase orders and check requests digitized. Right now I think they’re taking a lot of time going from paper source to an individual to email and back to paper source. I think if somehow that was incorporated into digital format it would be a great advantage for the SA staff because there’s not so much back and forth between organizations and the officers. Also it will expedite the refunds or money requests for clubs and organizations. It’s a win-win for both.

Thoughts on the budget? Reserves?

I, personally, haven’t looked at the budget yet but we’ve talked about it a little during our SA election debate. One of the questions was about the ability of using the leftover funds for all of our big, extravagant musical events. I feel like that’s great, but we should also keep in mind that it is a budget and we should stick to it and not go into the reserves as we have done in previous years.

Were there any decisions made this past year that you strongly agreed or disagreed with?

I think everything, at the end, was balanced out. If there were times when it seemed uneven or unequal to other clubs and organizations, at the end it turned out equal. There’s not a club or organization that got a lot or a little; it worked out.

What do you think the role of the SA constitution is?

The SA constitution should be a guide for the officers to help the clubs and organizations to stay on track. It’s also a reference to keep everyone in check and in line, to make sure that everything is followed and no rules are broken. I think the constitution is being upheld to what it is right now. This year there’s the constitution review and I know they’re going to try to do some new propositions; I’m not sure the exact ones. They’re trying to make it friendlier, easier for clubs and organizations to get funding and more accessible to all the students who pay the mandatory fees.

Do you think students understand what SA is? How could transparency could be increased?

I think that a lot of students see the charge on their fees but they don’t understand that the fee enables them to be in SA and guarantees them to be involved and take advantage of all the clubs and organizations that SA supports and helps out. I think students don’t really understand that the activities fee opens up all these doors for them and I would like to have the finances up online somewhere so they’re more visible and the student body can see what their money is going to and the things they can get involved with because of that fee.