Album Review: fun. employs operatic aesthetics on Some Nights


On Feb. 21, indie pop trio fun. released their second LP to date, Some Nights. Rather obscure before this album, fun. exploded onto the scene with this newest release, which contains national hit “We Are Young.”

True to their name, fun. creates an easygoing sound that’s never rough on the ears. While applying a complicated instrumental arrangement, the band members manage to pull the audience in with a laidback sound.

The first track “Some Nights (Intro)” starts with piano and then frontman Nate Ruess’ vocals quickly take their place on the track. Next, Andrew Dost comes in with backup vocals, lending an operatic aesthetic.

The track “Some Nights” ups the ante on the album, incorporating a trumpet alongside Dost’s drum kit and Jack Antonoff’s guitar. The vocals continue the opera theme from the past track.

“Some Nights” is followed by the strongest track on the album, “We Are Young,” which has become iconic these past few weeks since the album came out. It starts with Ruess’ vocals and a steady drumbeat. The lyrics tell the story of a group of people enjoying their youth, but it is easy to forget that and get absorbed in the music, here more than anywhere else on the album. Ruess is a standout on this track with his soothing vocals driving the song forward. Guest R&B/soul singer Janelle Monáe strengthens the track with the addition of her powerful harmonies.

Starting with piano like the preceding tracks, “Carry On” acts as entry for more of Ruess’ strong vocals. Again the theme of the track is sentimental, with lyrics about hanging out with friends, but listeners can find themselves forgetting about this and getting lost in the bliss of the guitars and drums fusing to make this beautiful sound.

“It Gets Better” is a strong track as well, and a departure from the band’s usual sound. The only tie-in is Ruess, whose vocals haunt the track.

The album closes with a few more familiar-sounding tracks that, while not unique, are equally as good as their predecessors. Some might see the song “We Are Young” as the band’s greatest and only achievement, but this whole album is a masterpiece in itself.

Looking to check our more fun.? The band comes to Water Street Music Hall in Rochester on April 20 and it will surely be an excellent show.