DIY: Host a party on a tiny budget

Hey all you crafting fans! This week we're hitting up the party circuit again with some bright new ideas to fight the winter blues:

1. Can someone turn it up?

Don't have any speakers on-hand to pump up the jams from your iPod or iPhone? Raise the roof by putting your iPhone into a bowl. It magnifies the sound so you won't ever need to ask to borrow your neighbors' old speakers again!

2. Ice is twice as nice.

Dress up your drinks and cocktails with some pretty ice cubes. You can put edible frosting dye in the water in the ice tray, freeze juice or even throw in some small berries for a sweet frozen treat in your glass.

3. Pick me up.

Do you have used votive candleholders lying around because you never got around to the recycling? Shot glasses not being used? Change it up at your party by making these glasses into toothpick dispensers. If you've got a sweet tooth, fill them with M&M's and pass them around among guests.

4. Flower power.

Instead of wasting valuable desk or table space with big bottles or vases, reuse cake pans, jelly molds, jars, soup cans or even ice cube trays to house beautiful flower arrangements. Make sure you cut the flowers off with two inches of stem or less and don't forget the sugar/vinegar mix.

5. Leave a paper trail.

Enhance the atmosphere at your smashing bash by stringing up some twinkling Christmas strand lights. Add some warmth by cutting small holes in the bottom of mini paper bathroom cups and placing them around the lights. If you live in a dorm room, you can achieve most of the same effect without actually plugging them in! (Rules are rules...)