Suspicious driver soliciting young women

On Monday Feb. 27, four young women in Geneseo separately reported being followed by a suspicious vehicle. According to the women, the suspect, a male, tried to wave them over to his car while possibly pulling his pants down with the other hand.

In one report, the suspect followed the woman while she was driving from Henrietta. The other three women were approached while walking or jogging on the sidewalk near Main Street.

The vehicle has been described as a dark grey newer model car, possibly manufactured by Honda or Hyundai. The New York license plate possibly started with DSP or DPS. According to witnesses, the suspect is a white male in his mid-to-late 20s with brown hair, wearing a dark fleece.

The Geneseo Police Department has asked anyone with information to contact them at (585) 243-2420.

The Geneseo Police Department also issued a series of suggestions to remain safe: