For lunch, feast at Samba Café

It's time for lunch and you're starving.  Next time, try out Brazilian cuisine at Samba Café on State Street in Rochester, where lunch is the most essential meal of the day.

For a reasonable price of only $5 you can indulge in any large crispy salad of your choice. If you're unsure which to choose, try the Samba salad, which consists of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, grapes, cashews, strawberries and blue cheese crumbles; chicken may be added at an additional cost of only $2. Optional dressings include blue cheese, lime balsamic and ranch.

Lunch specials include a variety of Brazilian plates, wraps and quesadillas.  You have three choices of meat as well: marinated chicken breast, lime pork loin and Brazilian steak.  

Considered Brazil's national dish, feijoada is served every Friday at Samba Café. The dish is a black bean stew with pork, sausage and beef over white rice with shredded collard greens, slices of orange and yucca flour on the side. This flavorful dish will undoubtedly acquaint you with Brazilian cuisine.

The menu also offers a variety of smoothies made with fruits such as papaya, peach, strawberry and banana.  

The café's  owner Paulo Botelho, born in Juiz de Fora in southeastern Brazil, said he does his best to deliver the most authentic Brazilian taste to every customer. Botelho added that his No. 1 priority is to serve fresh food, make all meals from scratch and satisfy diners with Brazil's comfort food.

Samba Café is located in Rochester across from Kodak World Headquarters. Because lunch is the main course in Brazil, café hours are Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.