Visitors from El Sauce explore NYS, Geneseo

On Wednesday Feb. 22, Geneseo had the pleasure of hosting 12 residents from El Sauce, Nicaragua who have come to the United States for the week.

For 10 of the 12 visitors, this is their first time in the United States. Throughout their 10-day excursion, they will visit Waterville, Syracuse, Honeoye Falls, Niagara Falls, Geneseo and New York City.

While on campus, members of the group not only had the opportunity to spend time with all of the friends, students and faculty members who have connected with their community over the years, but go about the day as if they were Geneseo students.

Rose McEwen, chair of the department of languages and literatures, in collaboration with Spanish Club, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and Rotaract Club, organized a day full of activities for the El Sauce guests.

In just one day, the 10 El Sauce students ate breakfast in Geneseo Family Restaurant, shared their experiences in McEwen's Survey of Latin American Literature class, ate lunch at Mary Jemison Dining Hall, admired the work of Ingrid Ludt in the Kinetic Gallery, played billiards in the Corner Pocket, attended a typical Geneseo class and more.

Accompanying the sauceños were Kellan Morgan ‘06 and Yacarely Mairena Dávila, co-founders and co-directors of the Enhancing Latin American Care Experiences project, the non-governmental organization that recently constructed a school in a nearby mountainous community, Las Minitas.

Many Geneseo student organizations such as Spanish Club, Exit 8, Between the Lines, Southside Boys and Hips ‘n Harmony contributed to the fundraising for the school during the fall 2011 semester.

The El Sauce group has a final celebration in Geneseo on Thursday Feb. 23 before heading to New York City as their final visiting destination.