Under the Knife: Step into line with Swing Dance Club

For about 12 years, an on-campus organization has been teaching students jazz squares and step-ball-changes as they get back into the swing of things. The Geneseo Swing Dance Club welcomes students of all dance levels, as long as they're committed to learning and working with others.

There usually isn't choreography in swing. "Swing is a social dance, so people learn steps and moves and then dance together, leading or following," said senior Nathaniel Wasserman, Swing Dance Club president. The club officers teach the lessons with occasional workshops to incorporate some new members. Students have the choice of three types of swing: East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop and Charleston.

The club has about 20 members and meets every Tuesday in the KnightSpot from 7 – 10 p.m.  Because anyone can join, there are often students that come for one lesson or sporadically throughout the semester.  

A typical Swing Dance Club meeting usually starts with a 30-minute warm-up followed by a beginner lesson teaching some basic steps. The intermediate and advanced lessons start an hour later; these lessons are tailored to the ability of the people there and what they want to learn that week.

Every semester, Swing Dance Club hosts a dance in the College Union Ballroom. The event is accompanied by live music, food and a beginner lesson for the first half hour to welcome all students, new and old. "It was a lot of fun last semester. We even had people come from Buffalo's club," said Wasserman.

 The group also takes a yearly trip to Washington D.C. for the Washington D.C. Lindy Exchange. The event is a worldwide dance weekend where dancers go to learn new varieties, styles and skills. Because the club was funded by the Student Association last year, half of the price of the trip was covered and students didn't have to pay dues.

Swing Dance Club is an easy way for students to loosen up, relieve stress and get exercise, all while having a swingin' time learning to step up their dance skills.