Digital Media Lab offers new resources, instruction, contests

The Digital Media Lab located on the first floor of Milne Library was established this past fall semester and, according to students and staff, has proven to be a valuable resource.

The DML, created as a collaboration between Computing & Information Technology and the library, houses all the tools necessary for pursuing digital media projects including an Apple MacBook Pro computer and an Epson large bed scanner.

Along with the advanced technology that the DML offers, it also has a dedicated staff of student and faculty employees willing to assist with all sorts of projects.

DML staff offer individual consultations for digital media projects as well as instruction for classes and clubs.

Steve Dresbach, one of the DML technology instructors, cited DML collaborations with various classes last semester, including EDUC 313 on book trailer projects made iniMovie, COMN 277 on video podcasts generated in Garage Band, tours for INTD 105 classes and Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development workshops on video editing. Some staff on campus have also utilized the DML’s recording studio located in Milne 214B to record video tutorials.

Joe Dolce, the DML’s instructional support coordinator, described the DML as “a sandbox to explore new ideas.” Dolce is leading the first annual Geneseo Insomnia Film Festival, a contest in which participants have 24 hours to make a three-minute video from start to finish, set to take place March 23-24.

The competition’s headquarters will be in Brodie 239 where DML staff will camp out to assist students with their projects. Dolce said that the creation of the DML played a large part in rallying support to hold the film festival.

“The DML is just as much a concept as a place. It’s the notion of getting started, helping people to get their feet wet in the world of digital media, and then we can go outside that,” he said.

Senior Gabrielle Gosset, a student worker in the DML, said she mainly answers student questions, but has also helped to make quick guides on the available software for student reference.

“[Audiovisual] and multimedia projects are very up-and-coming,” Gosset said. “I think people are starting to use [the DML] more and realizing what a great resource it is.”

For more information on DML consultations, hours and the Insomnia Film Festival, visit the DML’s website at