Corner Pocket reopens, Fusion Market in the works

The grand opening of the Fusion Market isn’t expected until after spring break, but a soft opening, which will allow some students to sample the food, is scheduled for Monday March 5.

The Corner Pocket recreational space is relocating back to the main floor of the College Union on Thursday Feb. 16. It has been entirely refurbished and will hold pool tables, high-top tables and blue lounge chairs. A fully functional outdoor patio that looks out over the valley will supplement the space.

According to Campus Auxiliary Services Executive Director Mark Scott, the project upholds CAS’ theme of “Eat, Study, Play.”

“We believe that learning and socializing should be productive anywhere on campus,” said Scott. “We want to have a space where people feel comfortable being part of the community.”

Fusion Market, an international street food restaurant, has been on the planning board since early 2010. This project has been part of the effort of CAS to reinvest all revenue back into Geneseo.

“We are committed to not having tired space,” said Scott. “We want to keep all of our dining options as fresh, new, clean and up to date as possible.”

Four stations offering a variety of global options will be featured within Fusion Market.

“We aim to introduce new flavors because the palate of students is becoming more refined and adventurous,” said Scott.

Cleo’s will give students the opportunity to try sandwiches made with international ingredients, like curry and ropa vieja. Marrakesh will highlight flavors from the Mediterranean, Middle East, Russia and India with options like beef chello and chicken tikka. Lotus will feature flavors from Southeast Asia, including stir-fry with noodles imported from Japan and a variety of curry sauces. World Kitchen’s menu will change daily as it moves to different countries on its trip around the world; it may feature Caribbean cuisine one day and Irish the next.

“We are really excited about World Kitchen because it will give students the opportunity to appreciate the richness of dining habits around the world,” said Scott.

“Fusion Market will give us a chance to educate students and show how much we care about them,” said Fusion Market and Books & Bytes Chef Manager Dmitry Ruzhanskiy. According to Ruzhanskiy, CAS hopes that this dining option will prepare students who plan to study abroad and to make international students feel more at home.

CAS is also using Fusion Market as means of connecting with the community.

“We have made a real effort to reach out to local vendors in Rochester and the surrounding areas,” said CAS Executive Chef Jonna Anne. “Many of our vendors are local and we have tried to expand our local retail options.” Some of these retail options include fresh produce, side salads and grab-and-go options, which will be on display throughout Fusion Market.