Clean up the clutter: Keep track of papers, prevent mess with simple tricks to organize

As it gets colder and the snow gathers in Geneseo, we would rather snuggle up with our calculus textbooks and humanities classics than clean our rooms, de-clutter our desks or rearrange our closets. Thankfully, I'm here to procrastinate on my homework and help you get organized:

1. Bins, boxes, bags, beautiful.

Run out to Wal-Mart and buy some storage containers. They'll make your life much easier. Storing food is easier when you transfer it to stacking containers. Use larger bins underneath your bed for seasonal clothes, extra toiletries, books or bedding.

2. Mind your own business!

Have a lot of gift cards, membership cards or rewards and point cards? Use a business card holder to organize them all, and only pull out those ones you will use that day on your way out the door.

3. Knives, forks and pens?

Silverware drawer organizers serve as spectacular office and desk drawer arrangers.

4. Bathe away the mess.

Shower hooks and caddies provide easy, portable storage in your closet, bathroom or desk. Instead of soap, throw in some erasers; replace shampoo bottles with Febreze or hand sanitizer. Alternatively, you can use a mini shower curtain tension rod to organize files in deep drawers or lids and pots.

5. Tied up.

Pick up a cheap tie rack and plop it onto your dorm desk or kitchen table to sort mail between roommates or to organize loose papers. It's also a good way to keep track of important documents such as checks, bills or loan letters from our friends in Erwin Hall.

6. We're not babies anymore!

If you have too much stuff in your drawers, or don't have any drawers, ask family or neighbors to recycle and save their baby food jars for you. Superglue the tops of the jars to the underside of a table or shelf and screw the jars up into their tops. They can store earrings, extra buttons, paperclips or rubber bands and be totally out of the way.