Shows you should be watching: "Portlandia"

In its second season on IFC, "Portlandia" is a parody of the denizens of Portland, Ore., one of the most prominent hubs of hipster subculture. 

The show stars Fred Armisen of "Saturday Night Live" fame and Carrie Brownstein, frontwoman of the now defunct indie band Sleater-Kinney. 

The cast engages in comedy sketches that poke fun at the hipsters of "Portlandia." Between these two big names, the show is a clever, well-devised sketch comedy project.

Armisen and Brownstein have taken on the roles of everything from a married couple to the cross-dressing owners of a feminist bookstore. The show has also brought in famous guest stars from the Portland area like musicians Colin Meloy and Jenny Conlee of The Decemberists. It tackles the culture of Portland with an extremely humorous slant that anyone who has ever enjoyed a hipster joke could understand. 

If you are looking for a new show to watch or just some laughs, come to the "place young people go to retire" and see what it's all about.