Set hearts racing with the Valen-time put into these sweet gifts

Happy V-Day fellow creators! This week I'm a bit early for Valentine's Day, but you all need to get your stuff together for your loved one or else the holiday isn't going to be quite so rosy. I've put together some tips to send your gift over the edge and to earn you some bonus points with your significant other:

1. Bump up your bulbs. 

Give your flowers a facelift. It seems a bit cliché to give flowers for the holiday, but not if you decorate your own vase! Wrap a piece of scrapbook paper around the base using double-sided tape. Layer a ribbon over the top, middle or bottom and watch their face light up!

2. A sweet surprise.

Step up your game on the whole baking theme by decorating your baked goods for the day or date. Save some dough by buying discount candy canes. When placed together, they make adorable hearts to stick on your delicious creation. 

3. Paint outside the lines.

Short on cash? Need some quick and easy valentines? Go to the nearest paint store and pick up some red or pink triple-hue paint chips. They're a cute, color-coordinated way to tell everyone how much you love them.

4. Illuminate your love.

Spice up your gift idea by thinking outside the candleholder. Oh wait, actually, you're going to need one. Buy some Valentine's-themed tissue paper and maybe some ribbon if you're going all out. Brush some glue or stick double-sided tape onto the glass of the candleholder and wrap around your paper and ribbons. Be careful not to let anything hang over the edge of the glass to avoid flames! 

5. Leftover love.

Save some sweet love for the summer with this trick. You know those Sweethearts candies everyone gives out and no one seems to eat? Use them at school or on the sidewalk in summer for a game of hangman or tic-tac-toe.