Flutie Flakes leave intramural legacy

Anyone that has played an intramural sport at Geneseo knows about Flutie Flakes, not because of the similarly-sounding cereal, but because of the intramural team of the same name.

The team is led by senior Jack Jagodzinski, along with senior co-captains Mike Giangrosso, Mick Sicchio, Dan Murphy, and senior Andy Lex. Flakes currently hold a 100-point lead in the Overall Intramural Standings and won a whopping nine championships just this past fall. 

Jagodzinski started playing intramural sports during his freshman year, when he met teammates like Murphy and senior Devin Irwin. It was not until the spring of his sophomore year, however, that he experienced his first intramural title, when he and his teammates won men's volleyball.

While the core of the team has existed since Jagodzinski's freshman year, it didn't compete for the Overall Championship until last year when Recreation Coordinator Brooks Hawley recommended they do so.

Over the years the team has competed under names such as "Sean the Narc," "WNBA All-Stars" and "Middle Aged Playground," which is the name they won their first Overall Championship under last year, and did not adopt Flutie Flakes until this past fall. 

"The hardest part was coming up with a team name [this year], but since we're all delusional/optimistic [Buffalo] Bills fans and Doug Flutie was my favorite player, we went with Flutie Flakes," Jagodzinski said. 

This sense of camaraderie has led to over 20 championships, including the one Overall Championship last year. 

While Jagodzinski cited volleyball, a sport he played throughout high school as his strongest sport, he stated that two of Flutie Flakes' most dominant sports were coed and men's indoor football this past fall. Led by "gun-slinging quarterback" Giangrosso and receivers junior Steve Barth and senior Jeff Hollinger, Flutie Flakes went undefeated in both divisions, including a +203 point margin in coed.

The team has blown away the competition at times, but it struggled for three years to win in men's competitive basketball. That is until last spring, when Jagodzinski was joined by junior Kevin Castine, senior John Piaggione and Barth, athletes that he had competed with and against during his high school days. 

"It felt great to finally get over the hump and win it thanks to an all-around team game," said Jagodzinski.

Although Jagodzinski said he loves the competitive nature of intramural sports, "The best part is when a new team member gets their first shirt." He continued, "Intramurals are a great way to become better friends with people and also to have the feeling of being on a team again … We've met tons of cool people... It's also a lot of fun to plan and talk about."

The team, which Hawley described as "a great bunch of guys … [that] play with respect," will end its run at the conclusion of the spring 2012 semester. The team has no plans to pass on its name to any underclassmen, but Jagodzinski said, "If some worthy Bills fans come around, we'd be happy to pass on the team name."