As painful as it may be, Jets fans must root for Patriots

At the start of the season, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan guaranteed his team would reach the Super Bowl.

Now, for the second time in five years, Ryan, his team and their fans must endure Super Sunday from the couch, watching their archrivals.  

There aren't two teams in the entire league that Jets fans despise more than the New York Giants and New England Patriots. So any saving grace they might have had left over from the absolute disaster of a Jets season went out the window when the Giants and Patriots advanced to Super Bowl XLVI.

At first, I felt resigned to pray for divine intervention. Maybe fire could rain down from heaven and consume Lucas Oil Stadium before kickoff. Then no team would win. As a football fan, however, I feel the need to make a decision: Who should I root for? Believe it or not, I have to go with Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots. 

Let's get one thing straight: I don't need an excuse to hate the Patriots. New England is a divisional opponent who has completely dominated my favorite team for the better part of a decade. Their coach is an unexciting, mind numbingly monotone, evil genius that some might even call a cheater (see "Spy Gate"). Plus, their quarterback is just perfect, too perfect (UGG boots and Justin Bieber haircut aside, of course). Yet, when weighing the pros and cons, the Patriots consistently come out on top.

The way I see it, if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Jets fans will just grit their teeth, cancel all trips to the Boston area and hope their team can be respectable next season. After all, when Ryan came to New York he said he wasn't there to "kiss Bill Belichick's rings." What's not kissing one more ring going to do?

If the Giants win, however, it will be a different story. Ryan has based his whole mantra on becoming the football team in New York. Even I was convinced by Ryan's song and dance that the Jets weren't anyone's little brother – that was until the Giants embarrassed them on Christmas Eve in front of a "home" crowd at MetLife Stadium. Since then the Jets have been anyone and everyone's little brother and the 9-7 Giants have morphed into world-beaters. If the Giants walk out of Indianapolis with a Super Bowl championship, any progress that Ryan regime has made will be completely eliminated, if it hasn't already. 

Finally, let's be honest, I live in New York – not New England. Most of my friends, acquaintances and even some family members are fans of Big Blue. The thought of waking up to scores of "Super Bowl Champion New York Giants" Facebook statuses is downright nauseating. I just can't take another year of gloating, unwarranted entitlement or Brandon Jacobs' big mouth. It's time for Tom Brady and company to exact some revenge and shut up the New York Giants fan base.

Mr. Brady, please do what the Jets couldn't. I'm begging you.