Shows you should be watching: "Sherlock"

Reimagining classic concepts seems like television's newest trend. The BBC hit "Sherlock" takes the timeless tale of Sherlock Holmes and gives it a modern twist. 

The series begins with John Watson (Martin Freeman) returning from service in Afghanistan on medical leave. Once in London he eventually meets the notorious Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), a modern-day sleuth corresponding with the Scotland Yard. Cumberbatch's brilliant portrayal of Holmes is filled with dry humor and captures the essence of a tortured genius. Together, they solve various cases with the method of deduction and deal with personal demons. "Sherlock" takes the formula of a crime drama but focuses on the characters in great depth. 

Although originally released in the United Kingdom, the first series is available instantly on Netflix. Series one includes three 90-minute episodes in the fashion of a miniseries and season two can be found in various places on the Internet (if the government hasn't censored the episodes yet). If you're looking for a smart new series to get into, enter 221B Baker Street and enjoy the ride. You will find yourself saying, "I believe in Sherlock Holmes."